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Saha International is a sister concern of the famous AL AMIN COLOR. It has started its operation from 2006. Saha International mainly deals with textile dyes and chemicals. AL AMIN COLOR is one of the pioneer in trading of textile dyes and auxiliaries in Bangladesh. It has started its journey from 1954. AL AMIN COLOR deals with almost all kinds of textile dyes and chemicals. Our principle sales center is situated at Madhabdi in Narsingdi district. We do have our office in Uttara Dhaka too. Besides trading of textile dyes and chemicals Saha International together with Abed Textile Processing Mills Ltd & Anand International (Gujrat, India) sets up first ever reactive dyes plant in Bangladesh in the name of A3 Color Chem. Ltd. Saha International has a well equipped lab for all testing and matching dyes & chemicals. Besides our own standard we can supply any matching standard of your dyes & chemicals.

Our aim is to cater all customers with the need of different dyes & chemicals. We can even act as a good source of your demand for any kind of dyes & chemicals.

Company Structure:

AL AMIN COLOR is our parent organization and it has started by my father Mr. Keshab Chandra Saha. Saha International was started by his elder son Mr. Sanjay Kumer Saha. Now it has been shaped up by his younger son Mr. Rajib Kumar Saha. Besides Mr. Uttam Kumar Saha(Sr.) an Executive director of the company, looks after the total sales and marketing. He is associated with Uttam Kumar Saha (Jr.) And Mr. Ainoul Haque. All of them are well experienced with vast knowledge of textile dyes & chemicals.
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