About Us

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Saha International is one of the leading trading houses in Bangladesh. We are mainly dealing with textile related products. Our major products are textile dyes, chemicals and any kind of textile fabrics. We supply dyes and chemicals to local dyeing houses and export composite units. Some of our major customers are - Noman Group, Kushiara Knit Composite, Advanced Textile Ltd. , Abed Textile Processing Mills Ltd. and so on. We supply both of our Polyester and cotton fabrics to the local Islampur, Dhaka market.

We have a state of the art lab for checking the quality of our fabrics, dyes and chemicals.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to deliver solutions rather than products for all industries when it comes to dyes, chemicals and polyester or cotton fabrics.. We want to be the top supplier for all types of dyes and chemicals in Bangladesh.

Our Mission:

Our mission is pretty simple to provide quality products at competitive prices. We will ensure all types of certificates as per market demand and we will also ensure on-time delivery.

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