Leather Dyes

Leather dye is a dye which is used for dyeing leather. Leather dyes are classified as water soluble acid dyes, direct dyes and basic dyes which can be easily applied to leather and can get brilliant shade. Leather dyes are spirit or alcohol based dyes where alcohol gradually absorbs into humidified leather. Leather dyes improve the look and shine of leather products and provide extensive choice of shade. Leather dye is a mixture of substances and dyes which is used for leather coloring. Leather dyes can bring a wide range of shade from light to dark and almost black just by altering the tanning process. Leather dyes are a great component which is responsive to give great color to leather shoes, jackets, belts, bags etc. Leather dye is the transition process between tanning and finishing. Leather is normally dyed to achieve a good visual look and feel.

Use of Leather Dyes:

Leather dye is used to dye leather or leather goods like bags, jackets, shores to make an appealing look.

Dyeing Process:

Leather dye is performed in a few basic steps. Leather dyes process is not that hard. In the dyeing process leather dyes are dissolved in water and then leather is treated into this solution. During the dyeing color fixes chemically to the leather and leaves the water colorless. In this condition all dyes offered are mixed to the leather and washing of the dyed leather with water should not wash off any color. Then this dyeing is called to be 100% wash fastness. Dyed leather can be damaged and need repair sometime. In this situation leather workers or technicians dye the repaired part of leather to match the original color.


1. Acid Black 2 Crystal
2. Solvent Black 5
leather dyes products
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