Hot Brand Reactive Dyes

Hot Brand reactive dyes are a kind of reactive dyes. Hot brand reactive dyes have lower reactivity towards cotton. High temperature is required for hot brand reactive dyes dyeing and the dyeing is carried out at the temperature of 90-95°C. These types of dyes also requires strong alkaline medium and NAOH is used to bring PH at 10.5-11.

Dyeing Procedure of Hot Brand Reactive Dyes:

Preparation of Cotton for Dyeing:

Bleached material for dyeing must be free from alkali; this prevents premature localized fixation and improves leveling of the dyes.

Preparation of Dye Solution:

Put the dye powder with cold water and dissolve it by adding water at the temperature of 80°C.

Dyeing Cycle:

Need Set the dye both at 50°C and make sure that the PH is just below 7. Put the material and run it for 5 minutes. Now add pre dissolved dyes in the dye bath and continue the dyeing process for 10 minutes. Add the salt for three portions during the period of increasing the temperature to 80 to 85 degrees in 30 minutes. Continue dyeing for 20 minutes at 85°C after the last salt addition. Now add the alkali for more than 10 minutes. Run the dyeing process for 30 to 60 minutes at 85°C depending on the depth of the shade.

Shade Card

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