Bi-Functional Reactive Dyes

Bi-Functional reactive dyes are colored compounds that have more than one reactive moiety per molecule capable of forming covalent bonds between the carbon atom of the dye ions and the functional group of the substrate. Bi functional reactive dyes are having two different functional group are also known as hetero bi-functional group dyes. These dyes are well known for excellent dyeing efficiency and overall great fastness properties.

Dyeing Procedure of Bi-Functional Reactive Dyes:

Set up the dye bath at 20º-30º C and add Glauber's salt, now enter the material into the dyebath. Run for 20 minutes.Add half amount of the glauber's salt and continue dyeing.
Now gradually increase the temperature to 60º-65º and continue dyeing for 15 minutes more. Now add soda Ash solution and carry on dyeing for 60 minutes. Wash the material properly.


  • ME brand dye powder:- 1 to 2%
  • Salt:- 60 g/l
  • Soda ash:- 15 g/l

Shade Card

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