Vinyl Sulfone Reactive Dyes

Vinyl Sulfone dyes are a kind of reactive dyes which are very popular all over the world. Vinyl Sulfone dyes or VS dyes are widely used for exhaust dyeing, cold pad batch process and also in automated batch wise dyeing matching. These dyes are also used for printing by one phase or two phase application method. Vinyl sulfone based dyes are highly soluble in water and suitable for both exhaust or pad batch dyeing.

Dyeing Procedure of Vinyl Sulfone Reactive Dyes:

Exhaust Dyeing Method :

  1. Take well scoured/bleached material,Make sure that the pH of the material is below 7.
  2. Add pre dissolved dye and run it for 10 minutes at 40ºC.
  3. Add Common salt in 3 installments at an interval of 10 minutes. Increase the temperature to 60ºc in 20 minute and run it for 20 minute.
  4. Add Soda Ash for light medium and dark shades and mixed alkali soda +caustic for extra dark shades and run it for 1 hour.

Single Bath - Pad - Batch Method using Sodium Silicate:

  • x g/l dyestuff
  • 50-100 g/l urea if required for solubility
  • 150 g/l Sodium silicate 100-106°TW
  • 2-4 g/l Caustic Soda (Solid)
  • (Ratio of Na2O: SiO2: 1:2.1)

Pad at 20-25°C; cover batch with polyethylene film and allow to dwell for 18-24 hours; finish as usual.

Shade Card

vinyl sulfone shadecard
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